Shift System MEDTurnx Kiosko

Some time ago you wanted to modernize the shift allocation system among other functions in your health center, but the options on the market only offer the basic operation of Ticket in Hand and they definitely seem out of budget. Well this product is just right for you, feel lucky!

1. Audiovisual call system

Call your patients by their Ticket Number, through Audio and Video on Screens distributed in your institution.

2. Self-service kiosk

TocuhScreen System with automatic Ticket printing when selecting study and Survey System Included. You can install one or more Kiosks as required by your institution.

3. Ticket assignment and reassignment


It has a Patient Survey System, which will provide you with more information on the quality of care offered by its service personnel.

4. Calling system from the Study mode (Via WiFi)

eliminating the need for the study technician to leave his workplace to go to the waiting room for the next patient.

5. Local and Remote Supervisor Module

From your Administrator / Supervisor account, monitor the time of services to patients, delays in key areas of care, results of the Patient Survey System and statistics by periods and general of the patients attended.

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