About us


It is our commercial name, it is in English because our products maintain an international presence and therefore we have taken advantage of the universal characteristic of English to represent our brand globally. The name LINKDICOM is the result of the combination of the English word LINK, which means LINK, and the acronym of the DICOM protocol which means; Digital image and communications in medicine, the union of both words in our name, LINK + DICOM translates as: LINK OF DIGITAL IMAGES AND COMMUNICATIONS IN MEDICINE, which is just what we do!

LINKDICOM is a company founded in the Dominican Republic, and thanks to the will of God, The effort of its human resources and the quality of its products and services, has managed to expand rapidly internationally.
It was the first Dominican Company to design the first Dominican PACS, It has also been the first Dominican company to launch Hospital Administration software for the Caribbean and the rest of the world, we have been pioneers in the promotion of tools for the Patient, such as Online results and interconnectivity with ARS, Digital Medical Record, Doctors and Hospitals to facilitate the different diagnostic processes of patients.

The staff that make up LINKDICOM is fully committed and motivated to offer the best of themselves, we don't even take the time to analyze 'the competition' because we are simply focused on giving the best of us in each product and in each service. We have always been open to collaborate with all the companies that approach us, because we think about the lives that with our contribution, through a high quality product we can help save, which is our main objective and what we want it to become. in a common goal of all commercial players in the biomedical sector, hence for us, at LINKDICOM, we do not have competition in the market, we simply have colleagues and partners with similar ideas.

We invite you to discover us, and see why you should contact us in the shortest time possible, go ahead and welcome!


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