I want to be a LINKDICOM Distributor in my Country

What do I need to be an authorized distributor?

Have knowledge of certain areas of computer science, and most importantly: HAVE A WINNING!


What benefits do I get from being an authorized distributor?

Training in state-of-the-art technologies by highly trained members of LINKDICOM.

* Special prices with direct profit margins.

* LINKDICOM certification to collaborate on projects of friendly companies internationally.


* Sales bonuses at the end of the year.


* Among other advantages you will know by being part of our network.


About Training:

The trainings are totally free, these are given online from your computer or live in our corporate Santo Domingo, we have 2 dates every 3 months, in case you decide to visit the Dominican Republic Our company provides certain facilities for you to have both a good trip and an excellent stay in the country.

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