Image Media (Cd   Robot) (Paper   Printing)

If you have perceived that acetate sheets are no longer the most economical option, as a means of delivering images to your patients... It is because our solutions are definitely needed in your institution.

Image Delivery System on CD / DVD

Give your patients their images on recording media that are easy to reproduce, these are the advantages


Interconnect and synchronize in real time

LINKDICOM manages to interconnect and synchronize in real time, the studies hosted on the CD with the RADIOLOGOX teleradiology service, which allows both Referring Physicians and Patients to access the studies from anywhere in the world, simply using a printed code on the studio CD / DVD disc.


Savings in high pollution consumables

Savings in high contamination and impractical consumables, since the images in acetate films are static, they cannot be manipulated, not the case with the CD, since a mini-viewer is automatically recorded on it that offers the doctor the tools to manipulate the images contained in it, as if it were still in front of the study modality.


Laminate auto burn

The Robot CD will not only record the data inside the disk, but it will create a design on the surface of the disk with the Logo of your institution, Study Date, Patient Name, Study Name and a code on the same that you It will allow the patient to see their images through the internet using the code in question, this is an exclusive service designed by LINKDICOM.

As an alternative to the printing of Acetate Sheets, we offer you a printer with low consumption in terms of sheet costs, this could be an excellent alternative to sheets, in case that in your Region the boom of CD as a means of delivery results, not yet fully developed.

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